Bolt seal PY-6001


Bolt diameter is 8mm,
Bolt cap diameter is19mm,
bolt length is 82mm;
cylinder diameter is+18mm
ABS coated cylinder diameter is 22.5mm,
ABS coated cylinder length is 35mm
Tensile strength: >17KN

WENZHOU PUYI LIGHT INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang province.We have two production department--security seals 
department and tobacco grinder department.
The security seals department was founded in 2013,Since its foundation, has been committed to the development and production of security seals, it 
have different series of security seals, such as high security bolt seals, cable seals, metal seals, barrier seals and other container locks etc. 
These seals are widely used in container transportation, logistics, express, security, electricity and other industries. Our products has been 
exported to many countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Europe and so on. 
The tobacco grinder department was founded in 2017,we have developed many kinds tobacco grinder, although we were founded shortly. at presently, 
we have zinc tobacco grinder,aluminium alloy tobacco grinder,
Company of "integrity, quality, innovation and development" business philosophy, warmly welcome you for good business relationship.                     



Bolt seal PY-6001 Technical Data Sheet


PY- 6001 High security bolt seal 


•Meet the new edition of ISO/PAS17712:2013standard requirement
•Both bolt and cylinder are made of high quality low-carbon steel
•Advanced anti rotation function, to keep the locked seal can not be rotated out
•Company name or LOGO and sequential numbers can be laser printed on seals
•Bar code is available
•Various colors are available

Split type design, straight and curved bolt is available

Technical parameters

•Bolt diameter is 8mm,

•Bolt cap diameter is19mm,

•bolt length is 82mm;

•cylinder diameter is+18mm
•ABS coated cylinder diameter is 22.5mm,

•ABS coated cylinder length is 35mm
•Tensile strength: >17KN


•Ocean containers shipping,

•all kinds of ISO containers

•Van trucks, tank trucks


•Packing: 10pcs/box,250pcs/ctn
•Carton Dimension: 45x30x15cm


G.W.:20 kg


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